Our Approach

Since its inception, Natura Formulas has been on a global quest to find all-natural, sustainably sourced and ethically produced ingredients for our products - ingredients which are safe and beneficial for you, our animal friends and our planet.

In formulating our supplements, we firstly look to food-based nutrition as the underlying medicinal property, and we then seek natural ways to improve the product’s bioavailability and potency.

Care for You, Care for Animals & Care for the Planet

Cruelty-free, Vegan and Sustainable

At Natura Formulas, we consider nature to be a precious gift which we are duty-bound to respect, protect and care for in everything we do. We are nature lovers with a deep concern for our health and for the health of our planet, and this is why we deliberately look for sustainable, ethically sourced ingredients.

Every one of our products is non-GMO and we never add preservatives. What’s more, we are firmly against animal-testing in any shape or form and for this reason, all our product's active ingredients are 100% plant based. 

We start at the source

We consider the source of each of our ingredients as the single most important factor - and the key player - to our special product formula. Why? Because it is the specific ingredients used which effectively influence the potency, bioavailability, and digestibility of the final product. In achieving our purpose therefore, our research and development team travels the globe regularly, in pursuit of suppliers who are as committed to quality and sustainability as we are.

Quality for Raw Materials

At Natura Formulas, we take quality control very seriously, and we want to assure you that your safety is our top priority.

Our Quality Program implements strict measures with every stage of production. This includes research, development, manufacturing, testing and packaging. All Natura Formulas’ products are formulated and manufactured in state-of-the-art facilities in the United Kingdom, operating within the GMP standards and FSSC 22000 accreditation for global food standards. In addition to our rigorous testing and scrupulous processing, all of our raw ingredients are 3rd party microbiologically tested to ensure safety & quality.

Our suppliers undergo a strict audit exercise on a continued basis so as to ensure that our safety and quality requirements are met at all times. In particular, we carry out detailed assessments of our suppliers’ procedures, paying particular attention to the following areas of operation:

  • Incoming Goods
  • Outgoing Goods         
  • Quality Management Systems
  • Food Safety
  • HACCP Systems         
  • Sanitation
  • Equipment      
  • Production          
  • Quality Control          
  • Due Diligence 

    Additionally, and in order to ensure conformity with ever-changing industry-wide legislation, each and every product manufactured is subjected to an approval process on a number of different areas, including:

    • Product Origin          
    • Product Composition          
    • Irradiation status          
    • Allergen status   
    • GMO status       
    • Solvents used in manufacturing          
    • Heavy Metal levels (Lead, Cadmium, Mercury & Arsenic)          
    • Suitability for Vegetarians & Vegans         
    • Relevant EU certification

      We care about your health – so we take no short-cuts! When it comes to quality and assurance, we always ensuring that our products satisfy all required standards across the board each and every time.

      Microbiologically tested to ensure safety & quality.

      Honesty & Transparency

      We greatly value integrity in the way we manufacture and supply our products, and in our dealings with others.

      We believe that you deserve to know exactly what goes into your body. This is why our labels disclose every single ingredient that makes up our products, including the materials used to make and fill our capsules & tablets.

      Supporting You Throughout Your Journey

      Natural nutrition of the highest quality is about more than just purchasing a product. It’s just as much about being reassured that the company behind the product is transparent and genuinely cares about your well-being.

      Please be rest assured that when you order a Natura Formulas product, we are available for you at any time, eager to answer your questions, and prepared to give you tips on how to maximise the effect of our products.

      Treat yourself to optimum health with Natura Formulas.