About Us

From “natura” meaning “nature” in Italian...

At Natura Formulas, we believe nature is the answer. All vitamins and minerals exist in nature.

As the kind of people who choose to eat organically and ethically, we care a lot about what we put in our own bodies. Natura Formulas was essentially founded by a health-conscious advocate who dreamed that nutritional supplements should be a genuine product of nature, just like our food.

Being passionate about health, our founder exercised regularly and strived to maintain a balanced diet, choosing to eat particularly greenly and organically, and taking the time to source food products with natural ingredients (to the extent possible). Ultimately though, it became clear that to obtain the body’s required vitamins and minerals solely through food was harder than it appeared, and it was this that led him to explore and understand the importance of nutritional supplements. Following much research into the matter, however, he came to realise that the supplement industry worldwide lacked transparency and honesty, and that the nutritional supplements broadly available were, shockingly, full of artificial and animal-derived ingredients. This was just not acceptable.

Shouldn’t our nutritional supplements come from nature, just like our food? We thought so too... And so, Natura Formulas was born.

We decided to launch a nutritional supplement line made entirely with natural and plant-based ingredients, which are therefore not detrimental to our bodies. Our vitamins and minerals are sourced as much as possible from organic whole foods, and for those ingredients that may not be available in whole food form, we opt for the natural instead of the synthetic version.

We are what we eat! This is why we give so much importance to what we put into our bodies and where our food effectively comes from. We firmly believe in obtaining as much nutrition as possible from our natural environment; sourcing food of the highest quality, in its most natural state. Our goal is to simplify your health without sacrificing the nutrients, in their purest form, that your body deserves… thereby optimising health and allowing for a lighter and brighter you.

Vision Statement

Our purpose is to empower human beings to live a conscious, healthy, plant-based lifestyle without compromise to our animal friends and our planet. By the way we formulate, we seek to be part of the world's solution to reduce animal suffering and environmental damage.

Mission Statement

We strive to adhere to a natural, sustainable and cruelty-free approach towards product manufacturing, opting only for ethically-sourced ingredients which do not involve the use of any animal product, by-product or derivative and which do not consider animal testing of any sort.

Our Commitment

We promise to provide you with nutritional supplements that deliver real results and tangible benefits for your general well-being.

Our products have been especially designed for vegan and vegetarian enthusiasts, and for any individual who is health-conscious; environmentally aware, or who may simply wish to eat ethically.

We hope that you will journey with Natura Formulas on the path to becoming your greatest self!